Train Like a Girl

A bikini bodybuilding competitor and a luxury Italian fashion manager share the detaIls of their training lifestyle. Be warned, they’ll put your current relationship, and gym memberships, to shame.

With dumbbells in hand she steps up to the bench and leans back, ready to press. Quietly confident and powerful. The recent influx of gloriously sweaty female warriors actually getting it on in the gym is an almighty win for mankind.

Yet despite the sweet essence of estrogen floating around the weight racks, the struggle is still real back home. She says she wants to train, build muscle and spend time with you, but no amount of Lululemon purchases or bro-yo dieting is seemingly making a difference. The result? Unquestionable failure on both ends.

In the name of the fit Gods, read on.

Krish Kataria is a Bikini Fitness bodybuilding competitor about to start her executive MBA, and her girlfriend Federica Autieri is on a mission to take over the world of Italian luxury fashion. They eat, train, sleep together, a cycle only #fitcouplegoals can dream of.

Advocating the ‘strong, not skinny’ female phenomenon, Federica traded in her post-50-hour-work-week, 10-hour-work-day cardio session and started hitting the weights when she found her partner, Krish, on a flukey night out in Shoreditch. “I paid for your friend’s taxi home,” smiles Federica, “just to be nice.”

The Showgirl Fitness star Krish (@krish.kataria) completed seven shows last year after winning the British Championships the year previously, and she credits her girlfriend for pulling her through. “She got out of bed with me at 6:15 A.M. to do cardio just to keep me company,” says Krish. This determination and resilience has led to researchers finding that partnering up in the gym with someone emotionally involved, not only motivates you to stick to your fitness regime, but works wonders in other areas of the relationship.

Exercise inhibits physiological arousal driving romantic attraction: sweat, grunts and pumps all the way home. Lowering cortisol levels and increasing both dopamine and endorphins can significantly improve your relationship leaving you genuinely wanting to spend time together. Simply having the presence of someone next to you when you’re working out is enough to get you going… under the rack and squatting deeper than before. “When you’re on your own it’s just effort and you try to cheat yourself,” says Krish, “if she’s upping her weights, I feel like I should too.”


TOP TIP: Try supersetting your workouts so you’re constantly keeping your heart rate up and an eye out for cheating antics on your partner’s behalf: Bicep curls with tricep extensions, bent over barbell row with single arm dumbbell row or squats with lunges.


Peer pressure is totally a thing, especially when your girl’s prepping in the kitchen for the week ahead, “I pretty much eat whatever Krish is having,” says Federica, “always the same dinner for sure.” Oats and whey for breakfast, proteins and carbs in all the right places; this mirroring in behaviour has been proven to increase the quality of a romantic attraction and together, you’re more likely to reach those PBs and stick to a fitness lifestyle.

From training together, they saw the rise in each other’s fitness journey from slim cardio bunny to being a bit more… full let’s say, more shapely. Reflecting back over the time they’ve been together (following a second first date because Federica couldn’t remember the first), Krish admits that initially it was a surprising journey: “I think our relationship grew as part of that first prep,” she says, “if you can get through something like that then you can pretty much do anything.”

Spending gym time together is just as important as date nights together. In fact, they induce better date nights as a result and improve the overall health of not just you guys as individuals, but also together as a partnership. Krish and Federica, in all their sparkly lipgloss and cherry Airwaves aroma have got a good thing going. When asked if they could or would ever fall out of their fitness cycle, Federica threw shade at Krish and explained she would promptly become single.




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