Breaking back in

After nearly three years out, Nyisha Jordan-Sey prepares to step back onto the stage with her best package to date

Many would argue that female physique and muscle model competitors are somewhat alien to the female form. Yet the sculpted body of Nyisha Jordan-Sey begs to differ. Lean muscle tone marries balanced definition, and minimal body fat makes it hard to believe she is a mother to a 19 month old baby. As a European Champion and WBFF Pro, Nyisha made, and won, her debut appearance on the FAME stage as a muscle model. That was seven years ago; now she is making her comeback in the over 165 bikini category.

In the past, Nyisha excelled in athletics and danced her way through her childhood. After attending the infamous BRIT school of performing arts and technology, she then went to one of the UK’s leading dance and theatre colleges: Bird College of Dance and Theatre. However, she soon decided to pursue a different dream and make a career change into the fitness industry.

After a winning streak of four out of five competitions she entered, Nyisha was sponsored by Grenade to travel the world

Her first encounter with the bodybuilding world was through her time at Virgin Active. Encouraged by a friend to attend a posing camp, she confesses “I fell in love with the sport there and then.” Two months later, Nyisha won her first competition. After a winning streak of four out of five competitions she entered, Nyisha was sponsored by Grenade to travel the world touring bodybuilding expos from the Las Vegas Olympia to Germany’s FIBO. Admitting it was the biggest and most memorable achievement for her career in the fitness industry to date, she’s hoping that her next show at Bodypower in the UK’s Birmingham will ignite the comeback career she dreams of.

During the lead up to previous competitions, Nyisha prepped for eight weeks maximum, but this time post-baby Elijah, she admits it was a little harder.  “I’m now prepping for a show after not being on stage for two and a half years,” she explains, “I started at a heavier weight which meant I’ve had to prep for 11 weeks instead.”  

As a result, Nyisha has had to change her training split and cardio levels to match her post-baby body. She’s one of the few athletes that have been able to get away with no cardio at all in the run up to a competition, and is still able strip body fat whilst retaining lean muscle. “I’ve been doing 12 minute intervals on the bike three times a week,” she explains, “but it has increased a little recently to an extra 10 minutes on the stepper at home every day.”

‘setbacks are stepping stones to greater things’

Balancing the preparation for the competition with a small child is no easy task: “I find my energy levels are really low by the end of the night because there’s no down time,” she says, “but I wouldn’t change it for the world.” On the day of our interview, Nyisha walks into the gym with a soft smile and a precautionary attitude to the photoshoot. It’s the start of peak week and she’s nervous; not only because of the shoot, but also because of the huge commitment and change that could be about to come into play. Underneath her jacket is a superwoman t-shirt and a Facebook post from earlier this year sums up recent events: ‘setbacks are stepping stones to greater things’.

Training on and off season stays similar for Nyisha and she lifts heavy all year round. In the beginning, Nyisha was one of the few girls known to the industry, but admits she faded and is now determined to get back involved, “I’m hoping the stage will kickstart something in me,” she says. Coached from the first show by her now husband Gabriel Sey, he also competes and is sponsored by Bulk Powders, so understands the physical and mental strain brought on by the stage. Together they take it in turns to look after Elijah, tag teaming in and out of the gym.

“At the beginning of prep I trained legs three times a week, split my upper body between two and took the weekend off,” she says, “now I do quads and hamstrings on Monday, shoulders on Tuesday, back and arms Wednesday, hamstrings again Thursday and finish with shoulders and chest on the Friday.” With building her legs a primary focus, it’s an area she has always struggled to keep in balance with the rest of her body, but is pleased with the package she’s bringing to the stage this time around. In terms of diet, not much has changed from her previous preps, it’s just the snacking and the Ferrero Rochers she misses.

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, there’s a holiday on the horizon, but is dependent on the outcome of her competition on the 14th May. Hosted by PCA (Physical Culture Association) it’s a pro, invite only competition, “I really am excited,” she says, “my comeback as a fitmum!”



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