So long Samloem

1) Hi my name’s Savannah and I’ve just graduated uni.

2) Hi my name’s Savannah and I’m from London.

3) *smile* and I’m Savannah, yeah we’re both from London. I just kind of dot about, dabble in everything. I was a receptionist most recently, worked as a nanny too. Yeah I graduated with a journalism degree.

I need to get better at this.

Two weeks in and my skin is five times darker, hair about three lighter and pretty sure my waist is a couple inches bigger too: Dark drop crotch harem pants are a yes out here. Currently residing in Cambodia’s Ibiza, in the swanky Green Ocean Guesthouse (bug free and an ensuite flushing toilet) and severely suffering from diarrhoea as well as last-night-ism. So all is well so far!

Jokes aside *cue eye twitch* I’m having a wonderful time.

Seriously now. Me and my truddy (travel buddy) Jake lugged our twenty kilo backpacks to a beautiful corner of the world. The sand is so white there’s a constant feeling of bedazzlement, the water is so warm and clear even at night. Khmer people are curious and inviting, their hands on approach to life on the islands creates this hubbub of appreciation for the smallest thing: saying thank you in their language, offering to buy your driver a coffee while he waits for you. It’s simply… Bliss.

You can really breathe out here, you know? The islands have a much slower paced life, they’re big on community values and respect which is something London in particular lacks. In contrast to island life, the city is chaos! Health and safety wouldn’t even make it past the airport. It’s hilarious really, I feel like I’ve been brought up a hypochondriac my whole life.

I’m going to write when I can, post where I can, (which is surprisingly a lot of places) and simply post ma feelz here.


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