Seapony bar & bungalow 

A week spent in paradise wouldn’t have been half the experience if it weren’t for Emma and her husband Nee at the Seapony. They were extremely welcoming from the first day until the last and gave great advice about Khmer culture, as well as where to go and what to do on the island.

For a unique village experience in M’Pai Bai, this is by far the best place to be. The bar and bungalow is within the village giving you a true insight into the everyday lives of those that live here. The children are all up for fun and games, naturally curious about tourists as are the dogs and chickens. No need for alarms to start your day, the roosters are here to get you up at the crack of dawn!

There’s a great coastal breeze that runs through the bar area and rooms of Seapony that many of the other dorms/bungalows do not have. Food here is mostly breakfast and brunch: fresh baguettes, eggs, homemade granola, pancakes and smoothie bowls (try Emma’s homemade peanut butter cookies); all of which are fresh and delicious.

We stayed in one of the upstairs rooms which had huge amounts of open space! Equipped with a king sized and a double bed, two fans and plenty of storage and hanging space – we got much more than we expected! Clean sheets, large mosquito nets and towels are provided and we were lucky enough to have an ensuite bathroom. The toilet is manual flush much like the rest of the island and there is a hammock just outside the room which is perfect for early morning rays and coffee.

To top it all off, we had a fantastic time fishing with Nee and his brother around the islands. Driving us around different fishing sites as the sun was setting was fantastic and the views were breathtaking. We took the catch back to Seapony for a barbeque feast (Nee and friends are great drinking and karaoke partners).

Everything here is very reasonably priced and the experience itself you can’t put a price on. Wifi strength is probably better than mine back in London. Can not recommend Seapony enough and will be sure to direct friends and family this way.

Thank you Emma and Nee for making this an unforgettable trip, see you soon!

Love Banana and Savannah

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